I am pleased to announce the official launch of the Knights of Fallcrest website.  We will be doing alot of work over the coming weeks to add more functionality and content to this site, and make it a valuable resource for all the members of our D&D group.  I, Devin J. Garman, the Dungeon Master of our group will be the administrator of this site, and all the other members of our D&D Group will have editor access.

Thus far, I have added Rachel Neff, my fiancée, and fellow group member, as an editor.  anyone else who wants to contribute to this site will need to sign up for a wordpress account so I can add you as editors.  I highly encourage everyone to get signed up soon, because it is my goal for everyone in our group to contribute to this project.

There are two things you will be able to do on this site as of now.  Editors will be able to make blog posts, which will appear here on the front page, and editors will be able to create and edit pages, which will appear as links on the navigation bar on the left-hand side of this page.  I have added a link to our groups Amazon D&D Store on the bottom of that navigation bar.  All commissions from this store will be used to fund purchases for the entire as voted on by all of us.

A Few Ideas For Future Site Content

These are a few things that I might think we could consider including on this site.  If you are trying to think of ways you can contribute, feel free to use this list as a guide, or propose any ideas of your own.

Character Profiles
Player Profiles
Setting Info
NPC Info
Game events retold in dramatic form
Game fiction depicting events outside the scope of our game sessions