Recently, additional players have expressed interest in joining our group.  However, we do not currently have any room in our group for additional players.  In order to address this situation, I have decided to put together a waiting list for joining our group.

Any time someone expresses interest in joining our game, just let me know, and I will decide weather or not to add them to the list.  At the very least I will need you to give me there full name  phone number, and email address.  All names on the waiting list must be initially approved by me.

If there is ever a time when we need to add a player to our group, I will get out the list, and we will take a secret ballet, where each of you may vote for 1 name on the list.  I do not get a vote, except in the case of a two way tie, where I will cast the deciding vote.  In order to be approved, the person selected must receive a majority vote of 50% + 1, otherwise we will have run offs, eliminating the person or persons with the lowest vote each time until one person has 50% + 1.