So, I need advice.  I can’t ask my companions because for some odd reason they think I’m like a good leader and all that.  Just because I’m dragonborn and my class says leader, they’re all like, “Ohhh…Zarek, you are so awesome with your purple scales and stuff.”  And I’m all like, “Yeah bitches, that’s right.  I may be a bodyguard for Lord Crazy Bubblebottom, but you know who your mama is.”

Anyway, I totally digress.  My question for you is, theoretically if a certain…errr…human has…oh let’s say really kickass purple scales, how can you tell if said human has a rash under the scales.  Like the human’s tail is seriously ticklish so any examination by a surgeon would be completely out of the question.  Not to mention the human just got a really pretty silver bow for the end of her tail and will totally rip the head off anyone who dares to touch it!  Seriously, leave my tail alone…I mean the human’s tail alone!

Well, I suppose I should leave now…before that crazy “boss” of mine starts talking to the town lord with his ass.  Any suggestions?  Hoping it’s not a tail form of crotch rot.