After less than a day’s march, the companions arrived at the ruined manor now known as Kobald Hall.  The found the scene in an abysmal state of disrepair.  The walls and roofs were crumbled, or in many places, missing entirely, the foundations were cracked, and all wooden structures had rotted away.  Vines and trees grew in the midst of where buildings ounce stood, and the orchards and courtyards where now completely wild and overgrown.

After hours of searching the surface ruins, and finding nothing, the companions finally stumbled across a trapped door on the floor of where a tower ounce stood.  Cautiously, the approached the trapped door.  “Who shall enter first?” Asked Telemetius, the mad wizard. “I guess that would be me human.” Replied the half elf Oakenhart as he stepped in front of the trapped door.  Always eager for battle and hungry for loot, and not wanting to be left out, the tiefling Morthius stepped  to the front as well, joining the paladin.    Zarek, the purple scaled dragonborn, and the ranger D’orthonian lined up behind them to form the second rank, while the wizard Telemetius brought up the rear.

Oakenheart knelt in front of the trapped door, running his hands along its seems, while scanning it with his eyes.  “No traps.” he said.  He then reached down and grasped the rusty iron ring handle and gave it a sharp tug.  As the doors creaked open, a cloud of foul, moldy smelling dust bellowed forth from bellow, causing many of the companions to cough and sneeze, and making there eyes water.  What the now saw before them was a darkened stone stairway, leading down to a chamber from which they could see flickering torchlight.

Cautiously, they descended the stairs.  when they reached the bottom they could see before them a stone chamber, with torches burning on wall brackets.  It was an irregularly shaped chamber, with lots of nooks and crannies along the walls where danger could hide in the shadows.  In the center of the chamber was some kind of pit filled with green slime.  Across from the slime pit stood a lizard like Kobald, spear in hand.  As soon as the companions enterd his chamber, the Kobald yelled “Intrudersss!  Kill them!”. Before the companions had time to react,  four more Kobalds stepped forth from the shadows, some with spears in hand, and some with slings.

The slingers stood back, preparing to pelt the companions from a safe distance, while the skirmishers with there spears advanced to engage the parties front line.  The companions all drew there weapons as Oakenheart, Morthius, and Zarek stepped forward to engage the spear men.  D’orthonian maneuvered to find a good position where he could fire his arrows from, and Telemetius began casting slaying spells into the fray.  The companions made short work of the Kobalds, slaying four of them within minutes, while the final slinger stood in a narrow passage on the north side of the chamber, firing at them from behind  the safety of iron bars that where blocking the passage way.

When the slinger saw that the other four kobalds had been killed, he retreated up the passageway to the north.  Zarek stepped in front of the bars that where blocking there pursuit, and with some effort, she bent them enough for the companions to pass through one at a time.