Time to Get This Show Back On the Road Friday, Apr 24 2009 

Okay, so we have missed three straight weeks of D&D now.  This has been a really busy month for everyone, myself especially.  I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get this thing going again.  This coming week, plan for Thursday, 6pm at the usual place.  If this will be a problem for you please let me know as far in advance as possible.

In other news, we still need some new players.  We have had one applicant thus far, but he already has at least two votes against him joining, including mine.  Please put the word out among any of your gamer friends, or anyone who needs a new hobby.

I would also like to solicit some suggestions for improving our game.  I have been having fun thus far, but I feel that we still aren’t using this game to it’s full potential.  Now that we have had a little time with fourth edition, I would like to hear your suggestions and ideas on anything we can do to improve the game experience.


Defender Needed Wednesday, Apr 8 2009 

Most of you are already aware of this, but I just wanted to put this out there on the site and make it all official and shit. We are currently looking for an additional player to join our group on a part time basis, and play a charecter in the defender role.   Idealy, this would be someone who can attend aproximately two game sessions per month, and who will mesh well with the rest of the group.

Please understand that our games are pretty combat heavy right now, so if this is the kind of game you like, all the better.

Monday, Mar 16 2009 



naughty rebel fighter!

naughty rebel fighter!

ERRRRR...This is the first time I saw the DM laugh

ERRRRR...This is the first time I saw the DM laugh

Our mini's are really mini!

Our mini's are really mini!

DM...West Side of Fall Crest

DM...West Side of Fall Crest

DM’s nun shocker

Wednesday, Mar 11 2009 

Funny Pictures & Funny Videos

Welcome Friends! Wednesday, Mar 4 2009 

Okay, so it is time for another quick update.  First of all, I would like to thank everybody for coming, and although we went a little over our time budget, I think we had a great game last night.  Things are definitely starting to flow better, and I feel that our new schedule, with three hour sessions instead of two will definitely improve our game.

I would also like to talk about some of the recent lineup changes in our group.  Although a few old friends have departed, and a few new friends have joined us, I am very pleased that our core group has still remained intact.  For those of you that can no longer join us at the table on a week to week basis, pleas feel free to still participate here on our site.

And finally, I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to Sean (or is it Shawn?) , the newest member of our group.  He will be filling the much needed striker role with his tiefling warlock, Temperance.   We wish you the best of luck on your future adventures with us.

D&D Posters Monday, Feb 16 2009 



Save my…err…the human’s scales. Saturday, Feb 14 2009 

So, I need advice.  I can’t ask my companions because for some odd reason they think I’m like a good leader and all that.  Just because I’m dragonborn and my class says leader, they’re all like, “Ohhh…Zarek, you are so awesome with your purple scales and stuff.”  And I’m all like, “Yeah bitches, that’s right.  I may be a bodyguard for Lord Crazy Bubblebottom, but you know who your mama is.”

Anyway, I totally digress.  My question for you is, theoretically if a certain…errr…human has…oh let’s say really kickass purple scales, how can you tell if said human has a rash under the scales.  Like the human’s tail is seriously ticklish so any examination by a surgeon would be completely out of the question.  Not to mention the human just got a really pretty silver bow for the end of her tail and will totally rip the head off anyone who dares to touch it!  Seriously, leave my tail alone…I mean the human’s tail alone!

Well, I suppose I should leave now…before that crazy “boss” of mine starts talking to the town lord with his ass.  Any suggestions?  Hoping it’s not a tail form of crotch rot.

Anthropology of a Fantasy Setting: A Brief Essay Thursday, Feb 12 2009 

Today, I would like to examine the social and historical factors that make life in Fallcrest, and the Nentir Vale at large, the way it is today.  When I originally red the first 4th edition preview books, and then the core rules, I imagined a feudal society, but as I researched feudalism, I realized that this system would not make sense within the context of our campaign world.  I have found that feudalism is more of an idea, rather than an actual system of government, and as such, it can be argued that true feudalism never actually existed in the real world.

Let me further clarify what I mean by “true feudalism”.  Within the context of this essay, and our campaign setting, I define the purest form of feudalism to be what is called the universal monarchy, which certainly never existed in any real sense.  The idea stems from certain so called universal powers in medieval Europe such as the papacy and the holy roman emperor.  In this system, kings were lords over aristocrats, who were his vassals, and in turn, where lords over there own vassals, knights, who were lords of the manor to peasants who worked the land. Ultimately, the emperor was a lord who loaned fiefs to kings, who were his vassals.

It is my theory that a system much like this once existed in our game world, prior to the fall of the old empire, but since the empire no longer exists, it is no longer possible for a true feudal society to function.  The type of society that would emerge after the fall of the old empire must depend heavily on the nature of that empires collapse.  A society emerging after a sudden catastrophic end to the empire, through means such as war, natural disaster, plague, famine, or wrath of god, demon, and/or dragons, would be very different from a society that has survived a slow decline and decay of the old empire.  This is something I would like to explore further with other members of the group before I make any decisions on my own as to the nature of the old empire’s fall, and what types of societies are emerging in it’s aftermath.

Waiting List Saturday, Feb 7 2009 

Recently, additional players have expressed interest in joining our group.  However, we do not currently have any room in our group for additional players.  In order to address this situation, I have decided to put together a waiting list for joining our group.

Any time someone expresses interest in joining our game, just let me know, and I will decide weather or not to add them to the list.  At the very least I will need you to give me there full name  phone number, and email address.  All names on the waiting list must be initially approved by me.

If there is ever a time when we need to add a player to our group, I will get out the list, and we will take a secret ballet, where each of you may vote for 1 name on the list.  I do not get a vote, except in the case of a two way tie, where I will cast the deciding vote.  In order to be approved, the person selected must receive a majority vote of 50% + 1, otherwise we will have run offs, eliminating the person or persons with the lowest vote each time until one person has 50% + 1.

Prologue: The Lost Dragon Hide Thursday, Jan 22 2009 

It was a cold winter day along the Olde Kings Road, west of Fallcrest, when Elmara Ironhews, daughter of the famous fallcrest blacksmith Teldorthan Ironhews, was guiding her wagon eastward, back to fallcrest.  She had Just spent the night in Winterhaven to the west, after acquiring a rare piece of dragon’s hide from her Dwarven relitives, and she was bringing it back to Fallcrest for her father to fashion into fine armour.

Her wagon rounded the final bend, descending from the Hilly Gardburry Downs, and entering the grassy flat lands just north of the dangerous Cloakwood.  Just then, she heard a rustling sound in the trees to the south of the road.  Before she could get her head around to look, a sling bullet struck her in the side of the helm, knocking her out cold.  She awoke in darkness, a burlap sack pulled over her face.

She was groggy, and had a throbbing pain in the right side of her thick dwarven skull, just above her right ear.  Not only was there a bag over her head, but when she tried to move, she found her hands and feet were bound, and she could feel a stone slab beneath her back, as well as the iron bars of a cage against her side.  She calmed herself for a moment, and forced herself to listen carefully to the sounds around her, trying to pick up any clues to her surroundings, and how she might escape.

She could here high pitched raspy voices whispering and chattering around her.  She began to make out bits and pieces of there language, intermixed with comon, and after a while, recognition set in.  Kobolds!  Those scaley little bastards!  And they were talking about sacrificing her to Tiamat!  “I must find a way to escape!” she thought to herself.

Meanwhile, back in Fallcrest, Telorthan Ironhews, Elmara’s father, anxiously awaited her return.  When she did not arive at the appointed time, he imediatly suspected foul play, and the kobalds of Kobald Hall where the prime suspects on his list.  These Kobolds had been growing increasingly bold in there atacks as of late,  to the point that the town council had been concidering comisioning an adventuring party to adress the situation.  They had put together a list of canidates from around town to form this party.  It was from this list that Teldorthan drew names to send his letters to.   As a small test of compitance, Teldorthan decided not to sign the letters, and instead make the adventurers figure out it’s source.

The first person to recieve the letter was the mad wizard, an exentric spellcaster of nobal birth.  Letters where also dispatched to his enterage, wich includes the lady Zarek Kyrian D’Valarius, a dragonborn warlord, and a Half-Elf palidine by the name of Oakenheart.  Letters where also dispatched to an Elf ranger from Harkenwold named D’orthonian, and a Tiefling fighter named Morthius.

All of the adventures met at the Nentir Inn, on the west bank of the Nentir River at sunrise on the appointed date.  At first, everyone had assumed that the Mad Wizard had sent the unsigned letters, because that seemed like his usual exentric behavour, but affter it became evident that this wasn’t the case, the party discussed how to track down the source of these letters.  It ended up being a simple matter of finding the town crier who had delivered them, and asking him of the source.  This chain of events led them to Teldorthans doorstep.

Teldorthan told the the adventures the story of the lost dragon hide, and how he suspect the Kobalds of Kobald Hall, an abandon manor west of town now overrun with the greedy little lizards.  He oferd up a reward of 200 gold falcons to the party if the recover the hide, but for some unkonwn reason, he never mentioned his daughter.  Perhaps he was to stricken with grief to face the fact the she may have parished.  So the party, after some discusion, the rag-tag band of sell-swords and spell slingers accepted the task, and set off towards Kobald Hall.

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